'Take all my property and give your husband' says woman crazy in love of a married man
'Take all my property and give your husband' says woman crazy in love of a married man

The crime case that has come up recently is astonishing. In this case, a government woman officer of 57 years fell so much in love with a colleague of 45 years junior to her that one day she reached his house and told his wife, 'Take all my property and give me your husband . ' Yes, you too were surprised after knowing neither should you tell me that this matter is from the capital of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal. The matter came to the Family Court of Bhopal for counseling after April 17, and counselor Sarita Rajani, who is counseling the matter, gave information about the case.

She told that, "The husband of a woman government officer posted in a key position in the government department of Madhya Pradesh died 10 years ago. After that, the daughter-in-law also started feeling disdain with him. In such a situation, her closeness with a 45-year-old colleague who worked with her began to grow. "Meanwhile, the woman found a lack of a young man to work with her while being alone since March 25 in a nationwide lockdown caused by the coronavirus." So on April 17, she reached her home. At the same time, when the wife of the young man working in the kitchen came out of the kitchen, she was surprised to see the view in the room.

Yes, the woman government officer told the wife of the young man there, "Take all the property but give it to your husband." On hearing this, there was a ruckus in the house and then the daughter-in-law of the woman also reached there. . After that the matter went to the Family Court for counseling. On seeing this matter became worse. After that, when the husband also told his wife that he cannot leave the woman alone, the wife said that after 14 years, the husband has cheated her, she can never forgive him. After all this is done, both sides are constantly being explained.

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