Girlfriend first cut boyfriend's private part, then did this

Jaipur: A yoga teacher has committed a serious crime in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The teacher cut off her boyfriend's private part with a knife. The youth was unconscious at the time of the incident. When the young man regained consciousness, the bed was found covered in blood. The girl left him and fled. When called, she said sorry and came home again and took him to the hospital. He was taken to a private hospital in critical condition. From where he was sent to SMS Hospital

Case of an attempt to murder registered against girl: After the case came to light, Bhakrota police have registered a case of attempt to murder against the girl and launched a search for her. Why the young woman did this is yet to be uncovered. The victim remained hospitalized for two days and has been discharged after surgery. The young man was given something to eat that made him lose consciousness. This act of his girlfriend has made him impotent.

The young man has reported that his condition was getting worse and more serious. After which he called the young woman and she cried and apologized to him. The youth asked her to be taken to the hospital. Soon the girl reached his house and was taken to a private hospital. The youth registered a case at Bhankrota police station after being discharged from the hospital. In the report, the youth alleged that an attempt was made to do wrong by feeding him intoxicants. Failing that, the private part was cut off. At present, the police is looking for the girl.

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