Girls have drawn these misconceptions about boys, know what is it...

Mar 21 2019 12:25 PM
Girls have drawn these misconceptions about boys, know what is it...

God made both men and women, but it was believed that all the complexities were given to the women's portions. Girls are more passionate, they come to cry much, they laugh freely, they do not tolerate shock, and things are said for girls. The boys are tough and courageous. Girls themselves believe this thing as true, which are wrong. Boys are also human and they have feelings too, but they do not express themselves quickly. 

Boys do not Cry

First of all, know that God has created a man and he has got the same expressions as well. Even it is said that boys are more passionate than girls, but the hiding of emotions comes in a much better way. Girls start crying quickly and if the boys do not cry in front of them then they think that the boys do not cry. Actually, the boys do not let their loved ones express their affection because they support their rivals many times.

No pain of Separation

Girls feel that when their boyfriend breached them or if the husband leaves them, then he becomes happy. Remove such misconceptions. The boys are also broken by having a breakup. Emotionally, they are weak. Girls still make their burden light by speaking the heart, but sometimes it is difficult for the boys to bear them, so many times they have to resort to toxication.

Keep away from family

Girls believe that they are more intrigued to the family than Boys as the boys roamed around all time.  But the boys are very serious about their respect. When they get respect and love from the family, they feel connected, but do not express much. If they always kept taunting from the family then they wants to keep himself away.

People's behavior

Not only women are tolerant but men are also tolerant.  When they get cheated by someone, they also break up and then no longer deserve to believe in anyone. Those laughs take the jokes comfortably, but if any thing seems too bad then they can not forget the thing early.


Girls think that boys often run away responsibly while not so. Depending on the nature of some people, how are they, but generally there is a sense of responsibility in the boys. From childhood he is born in such an environment where he knows that he has to take responsibility for the household expenses and the responsibility of the people. Because of this, he is also serious sometimes, but he also keeps the feeling of responsibility.

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