Girls used to marry Rajesh Khanna's picture, listen to the best songs on birthday

Rajesh Khanna was born on this day. Today, on his birthday, we are going to tell you his most famous and best songs that you will enjoy after listening to them. Well today we are also going to tell you an story of Rajesh Khanna which is shocking. First of all, let us tell you that Rajesh Khanna's real name was Jatin Khanna, but he named himself Rajesh Khanna before entering Bollywood on the advice of his uncle. Rajesh Khanna is said to have been brought up not by his biological parents but by his parents who adopted him.


In fact, his parents promised to give him to his mother's childless sister and later fulfilled it. From 1969 to 1971, he gave a record 15 hits. Yes, and his glorious success began with the 1969 film 'Aradhana', which continued till the 1971 film 'Hathi Mere Saathi'. Let me tell you that in view of Rajesh Khanna's success and excellent fan following, BBC made a documentary 'Bombay Superstar' on him in 1974. In the 70s and 80s, the magic of Rajesh Khanna's films used to go head-to-head. He was the highest paid actor for films in those days.

Yes, and most surprisingly, the girls' obsession with Rajesh Khanna was excellent in their time. Yes, and not only his acting but also his girls were addicted to every act. It is said that at that time girls used to send blood-written letters to them to show their love. Yes, and many of them were married to his picture. Not only that, their white car was redned by the girls with lipstick marks. He is not in this world today on his birthday but you listen to his best songs.

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