Glancy Rego, A Well Known Model Turning Her Career Into An Uprising Influencer

Glancy Rego, A Well Known Model Turning Her Career Into An Uprising Influencer

Glancy Rego is a reputable name in the modeling industry and fashion and lifestyle blogging. She is known for her talent and the fact that she has gained popularity on social media so quickly is unbelievable for many. She started her career as a model about 3 years back and everything was great in that field but she felt like something was still missing. That's when she thought of stepping into her dream of becoming an influencer. This happened a year back while she was still pursuing modeling and decided to go for the influencer career. She had to work very hard in order to maintain a balance between the two but her passion for her career and her ambitions drove her towards success.

It has just been a year but still, Glancy Rego has managed to do exceptionally well which has made her work known to all. In no time, she became the influencer she wanted to become. She never gave up on her dreams and that's what kept her going. It was difficult in the beginning to juggle the work commitments of both jobs but with time, she got a hang of it and learned how to manage both within the stipulated time she has.  

Apart from this, Glancy Rego also indulges herself in travel vlogs. She has posted a lot of travel videos from her trips. She loves to travel and thought it’s only fair to include that in her content. She loves to influence people with her fashion and lifestyle choices and now also travel. She feels overjoyed in promoting the places she likes to visit herself. Just like Glancy Rego, her content is also very authentic and organic and it shows every side of her personality.

Glancy Rego made it a point right at the beginning of her career to never promote anything she doesn't believe in herself and that's what has helped her strike a chord with her audience apart from the lovely aesthetic of her Instagram page.

She did start only a year ago but her talent and personality have helped her in achieving what she wanted and she worked her way up to top brands and has collaborated with big names in the industry like Olay, Budweiser, Daniel Wellington, Giva jewelry, Baggit, Wowskinscience and many more. The list is endless and this humbles ABC because she never thought she would be able to do this so quickly and all the credit goes to her hard work and determination that has kept her going. She wants to tell all the women out there to not give up on their dreams and keep thriving till you have achieved it all.

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