Global Day of Action: Pro-Palestine Demonstrations Sweep Washington and London
Global Day of Action: Pro-Palestine Demonstrations Sweep Washington and London

Washington: Thousands of pro-Palestine demonstrators took to the streets in Washington, London, and other cities on Saturday in a coordinated "global day of action." The protests aimed to demand an immediate ceasefire in the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza and expressed opposition to US and British support for Israel.

In Washington, large crowds, predominantly composed of young protesters wearing traditional keffiyeh, waved Palestinian flags in a show of solidarity on the 99th day of the conflict. Chants of "Cease-fire now" resonated as people carried banners reading "Free Palestine" and "End the War on Gaza." Palestinian-Americans, sharing emotional accounts of friends and relatives affected in Gaza, urged US President Joe Biden to cease military and financial support to Israel.

In London, the seventh pro-Palestinian demonstration since October 7 unfolded, marking the invasion by Hamas militants into southern Israel. The conflict resulted in approximately 1,140 casualties, mainly civilians, according to an AFP tally. Israel's vow to destroy Hamas led to a relentless bombardment of Gaza, claiming at least 23,843 lives, predominantly women and children, according to the territory's health ministry.

With around 1,700 police ensuring security, the London protesters sought to express solidarity with the people of Palestine and criticize their government's support for Israel. Participants conveyed frustration with the perceived global inaction and called for greater support for the Palestinian cause.

The significance of Saturday's marches was heightened by recent US and British airstrikes in Yemen against Huthi bases, responding to attacks on ships in the Red Sea by Iran-backed militants in solidarity with Gaza.

The day of action, organized by a British coalition, saw protests in 30 countries. Kate Hudson of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, part of the coalition, emphasized the call for a permanent ceasefire and a lasting political settlement for all Palestinians. She urged the British government to end its support for what she described as Israel's brutal war in Gaza and to join the international community in condemning alleged war crimes.

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