GM diet plan can reduce weight fast in just 7 days, know how to follow

In today's time every person works hard to lose weight. Yes and for this it also follows gym, workout and expensive-expensive diet plan. By the way, if we talk about the diet plan, then many options have started coming in it too. Now we are going to tell you about the GM diet plan, for which it is claimed that if it is followed continuously for a week, then weight can be reduced rapidly. Yes, now we tell you how is this diet.

GM diet-

Day 1: The person following this diet has to eat only fruits on the first day. Banana should not be eaten even among fruits, because it increases weight. Well you can eat melon if you want. It is helpful in reducing weight and it also fulfills the deficiency of nutrients.

Day 2: The person following this diet is advised to take only vegetables on the second day. By the way, you can eat them cooked or raw. Include only green vegetables.

Day 3: Eat both fruits and vegetables on this day, but eat them in limited quantities. Keep in mind that avoid eating potatoes in vegetables and bananas in fruits.

 day 4: According to the diet, on the fourth day only milk and banana are to be eaten. You can drink 6 to 7 bananas and three glasses of milk while keeping the gap throughout the day.

Day 5: Those who eat non-veg on this day can eat chicken or fish. However, if you are a vegetarian, eat paneer and brown rice instead of meat on this day.

 day 6: Fish or chicken should be consumed on this day and if you are vegetarian then you can eat paneer.

Day 7: In this diet plan, on the seventh day you can consume fruits, vegetables and juices. Keep in mind that only beans should be eaten on this day among vegetables and instead of milk, consume soy milk.

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