GM’s EV maker BrightDrop to flyover Mexico soon
GM’s EV maker BrightDrop to flyover Mexico soon

New Delhi:- BrightDrop, which is a part of GM's business that sells electric delivery vehicles, said on Monday that they will start selling their main electric vans in Mexico.

According to the company, the first two products that will be available in Mexico are the BrightDrop Zevo 400 and BrightDrop Zevo 600. GM has not provided an exact date for when customers in Mexico can start ordering its products. They have only mentioned that it will happen later this year.

"Bringing BrightDrop's products to Mexico is an important step in our mission to make global delivery more environmentally friendly and help customers save money by using electric vehicles," explained Steve Hornyak, BrightDrop's chief commercial officer, in a statement.

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The commercial EV business unit is a group of electric and connected products and software services that started in January 2021. It is a part of GM's plan to become the leading company in the electric vehicle industry. BrightDrop is a new company in the electric vehicle industry that has successfully entered the market for commercial electric vehicle fleets. It has received orders from major companies like DHL Express, FedEx, and Ryder.

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In late 2022, the company started doing business in Canada. They delivered their first electric vans in June of this year.

The company announced that they are increasing the production of Zevo 600 and will start making Zevo 400 in a few months. So far, over 1,000 Zevo 600 vans have been made at GM's CAMI Assembly plant in Ontario, Canada. The Zevo 400 will be made at the CAMI factory too. The factory is predicted to make 50,000 vans every year by 2025.

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The GM Company's electric vehicle business has announced that they will be expanding the presence of BrightDrop Ev's in Mexico. They expect this expansion to grow even more by 2025.

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