Goa Deputy CM lodges complaint with police over serious issue

Oct 20 2020 03:15 PM
Goa Deputy CM lodges complaint with police over serious issue

Panaji: Goa Deputy Chief Minister Chandrakant Babu Kawalekar has recently given clarification for sending pornographic clips to a WhatsApp group of social activists. Not only that, but he has also made a police complaint in the matter. He said that his phone was hacked. An obscene message from the mobile phone of Goa Deputy Chief Minister Kawkar was sent to a group of social activists at midnight on Sunday. After that, Chandrakant Kavkar filed a complaint to the cyber police.

In the complaint, he said that the clip was sent from his phone to the WhatsApp group when he wasn't even operating his phone, he was sleeping. In addition, he said that "Some miscreants had sent a video with obscene content in a WhatsApp group. The message was deliberately sent with my name in the video with some criminal intent". At the same time, he pointed out that the video was sent to only one of the many groups that he is part of. "At the time this message was sent, I was not near the phone and I was in deep sleep. A number of such efforts have been made to defame my name and present my wrong image to the public". 

Now, in this case, the police have asked about the investigation. In this case, the Deputy Chief Minister has also written to the police that "I demand stern action against all miscreants and unscrupulous persons who have been criminally hacking/hacking with my mobile phone. Manipulated and uploaded pornographic content and sent it. ''

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