Corona-free Goa governor says, 'State will be open for domestic tourists'

May 23 2020 03:51 PM
Corona-free Goa governor says, 'State will be open for domestic tourists'

Panaji: Goa government may soon open avenues for domestic tourists. According to Goa Governor Satyapal Malik, Goa Corona is free. Therefore, domestic tourists will come here. However, foreign tourists will not be allowed to go there yet. However, if the situation is normal, the way for his visit to Goa will also be cleared. He said that there will be no loss situation for the tourism industry for a long time.

Satyapal Malik further said that 'Goa Corona is free, so domestic tourists will come here. It will take time for the return of foreign tourists. But soon the way for his return will be cleared. Therefore, tourism industry will not have to suffer for long. A lot of concessions were made in Goa from the beginning of the third lockdown. Because Goa is in the Green Zone and so far no case of Corona virus has been found here.

Given this, the state government had also allowed the Goa Board to conduct the examination. The postponed 12th (HSSC) exam due to Corona virus was held on May 20 and the 10th (SSC) exam was held on May 21. Let us tell you that the whole country is struggling with the Corona crisis. But Goa has become such a state of the country that is completely free from corona infection.

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