Going to purchase a new smartphone? Google has ‘important advice’ for you

Aug 13 2019 02:56 PM
Going to purchase a new smartphone? Google has ‘important advice’ for you

If you're looking to buy a new Android smartphone, it's better to have a device with the latest stock Android OS. Even if smartphone lovers say that stock Android OS shouldn't be an essential factor for buying or not buying a device, Google's advice is the opposite. At the recent Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, Google Project Zero's security researcher Maddy Stone made a big reveal about the stock Android.

According to a recent report, security researcher Maddy revealed that millions of Android smartphones have pre-installed dangerous malware. This is important because Project Zero is an elite team of Google's Bug Hunters. The dangerous thing here is that this malware can't be traced because regular users don't see any separate app icons or signs for it. Google Researcher also told the conference that the growing competition in the market and the growing race of budget phone segments could be another way to earn malware on devices for smaller companies. Also, in this model, the company creates malware and transmits malware to the user as compared to users who have become victims after publishing a malis app. In addition, Stone said in the report, "The benefit of the supply chain is that malware makers only have to persuade one company to pre-install their app and thousands of users don't have to wait for it to happen," Stone said in the report. As well, you are wrong.

In its statement, Google claimed that more than 200 Android smartphone brands have allowed malware to pre-install in their systems and that remote hacking of devices is also possible. Stone claimed that 100 to 400 apps come pre-installed on Android phones, some of which appear to be nothing but that. Stone revealed that most common malware scalpers are Atax Chamois and Triada. Chamois earns money by sending messages from the phone and Triada offers the option to install an app in the background. Google's stock Android is the safest.

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