Going to Rent a Car: Read Our Article
Going to Rent a Car: Read Our Article

This is going to be a super useful write up for those who love to drive everywhere. Many of them want to explore every destination at their own way. But you can’t take your car everywhere; that’s why we hire a rented car. On my New Zealand trip we also hired a rented car and it was a wonderful experience to explore the picturesque country with personal car. But before you hire a rented car you need to follow some rules and advise.

Renting in Advance

When booking a plane ticket, it is best to book in advance, the same goes for renting a car. A general rule, prices increase in last-minute bookings and the best bargains are obtained if the booking is made at least 14 days before the vehicle pick up. Book a car with HAPPYCAR without any risks and have free cancellation up to 24 hours before pick-up.

Check Rental Terms & Conditions

Just like reading the warranty on a new TV, one should always look at the Rental Terms & Conditions. Many times, customers arrive at the counter and are surprised by extra costs that they did not budget for. By looking at the terms & conditions, customers will be informed of all the extra costs for services such as airport tax.

Breaking the Myth of Renting from the Airport

There are many articles on the internet that say renting a car from the airport is the most expensive pick up location. Luckily, that statement is not a 100% accurate.

Pay Attention to the Pick-up & Drop-off Times

Rental companies charge by the day and not by the hour, so pay close attention. For example, in a reservation, whose pick up is on November 29th at 2 p.m. and whose return is on November 30th at 3 p.m., it will be charged as two days and not as 25 hours.

Limit Your Number of Drivers

If travellers are planning on renting a car with friends or family, make sure that there are only one or two designated drivers. Rental companies on average charge $9 per day to add an extra driver. Before booking, check the Rental Terms & Conditions to see if the rental carrier charges extra or not for this service.

Bring your own GPS or Car Seat

The extra cost to acquire a GPS in the rental office is a minimum of $12 per day and can reach up to a total of $90. But, it is also possible to use a Smartphone to access offline mapping. Don't forget the charger then, as these applications use up a lot of battery in your device.
Most rental offices offer the possibility to book a car seat with the vehicle, but not all companies do. The extra cost of a car seat can be as little as $11 per day and can total up to $100. If travellers can bring their own car seat this will help reduce the overall cost for the booking.


Don’t Forget to Fill up

Most rental offices will inform customers to fill up the tank when returning the vehicle to avoid an overpriced charge. This is an extremely important way to save money. When leaving the rental car premises make sure to look and see if there is a gas station nearby. On average rental companies charge $8 per gallon to fill up the tank or they have a set charge of around $50 depending on the company. When booking a rental car online always opt for the Full to Full (Best Fuel Option).

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