VIDEO: Gold chain made by melting gold biscuits

We are all aware that people around the world like to wear gold jewellery. In fact, wearing gold/silver jewellery is most prevalent in India. There are many videos of these pieces of jewellery which are excellent. The process of making these pieces of jewellery is also very interesting. A video is currently going viral on social media in which gold biscuits (Gold Biscuit) were melted to create a gold chain.

The gold chain shown in this viral video preparing is weighing one kilogram. In fact, this gold chain was traditionally separated. At present, people are surprised to see the process of making this gold chain. You can see that in this video, one person first weighs gold biscuits, gold scratches, etc. Then mix them with other metals and melt them. You can see that he puts it in a mould and makes a rod and then he starts shaping this gold rod. After some time the rod is converted into gold rings.

It's then cleaned and after polish, a sparkling gold chain is ready in a short while. Well, it's not all easy at all. You can see this video is shared with a Facebook account called Supercar Blondie and has received 50 million views.

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