Gold prices fall again, know today's market rates

Today is a great opportunity to buy gold. Gold prices continue to fall today. Gold touched Rs 46,870 per 10 grams today. With a sharp decrease, the price of 10 grams of 22 carat gold is below Rs 47,000. While 10 grams of 24-carat gold is below Rs 48,000. In the national capital, 22 carat gold is Rs 46,860 per 10 grams and 24 carats are Rs 51,120 per 10 grams. Today, silver futures are at Rs 67,050 per kg.

Gold moves this week (July 19-24)
Day- Gold (MCX August Futures)
Monday - 48094/10 gm
Tuesday - 47876/10 gm
Wednesday - 47573/10 gm
Thursday - 47634/10 gm
Friday - 47525/10 gm
Saturday- 46,870/10 g (trading continues)

Fall in metal prices temporary:-
The fall in the price of precious metal is temporary and the gold investor should see this fall as a shopping opportunity. According to bullion experts, gold prices will soon reverse and reach ₹48,500 per 10 grams in a month after trend reversal.

MCX Silver:
The silver market also saw a decline on Saturday. Silver futures rose to Rs 67,050 per kg. In such a situation, this is a great opportunity to shop. See silver price this week and last week.

Silver moves this week:-
Day- Silver (september MCX - futures)
Monday - 67246/kg
Tuesday - 66606/kg
Wednesday - 67137/kg
Thursday - 67374/kg
Friday - 67372/kg
Saturday- 67,050/kg (trading continues)

Silver price lower by Rs 12460 from its highest level:-
Silver's highest ever level is Rs 79,980 per kg. According to this silver is also cheaper by about Rs 12930 from its highest level. Today, silver futures are at Rs 67,050 per kg.

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