Gold prices fall, know today's rate

Between the lockdown and the corona crisis on Monday, the gold price fell on the first trading day of the week in the futures market. On the MCX exchange, the futures price of gold on August 5, 2020 was down by Rs 113 at 9.37 am on Monday and was trending at Rs 46,991 per 10 grams. On October 5, 2020 gold futures on MCX was trending at Rs 47,140 per 10 grams, falling by Rs 98 at 9.22 am on Monday. The futures price of gold on June 5, 2020 was trending at Rs 46,560 per 10 grams, falling by Rs 94 at 9.6 am on Monday morning.

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Talking about silver in the futures market, its prices have set a new record on Monday. On Monday morning, silver futures of MCX were trending at an all-time high of Rs 51,065 per kg on Monday, July 3, 2020. The futures price of silver on September 4, 2020 was up by Rs 945 on Monday morning and was trending at an all-time high of Rs 51,697 per kg.

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Talking of international level, then on Monday morning both the futures and spot prices of gold have seen a rise. According to Bloomberg, on Monday morning, the global futures price of gold was trading 0.37%, or $ 6.50, at $ 1758.20 an ounce on Comex. The global spot price of gold was trending at $ 1,742.02 an ounce, rising 0.68% or $ 11.75.

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