Gold price today: Gold moving towards a new record, Check everything here

The demand for gold and silver has increased even more as the wedding season is near. However, gold prices are set to set a new record. The price of gold and silver is rising. On the Multi Commodity Exchange today, gold prices gained 0.11 percent. Silver prices declined 0.26 percent as well.

Gold moving towards a new record!

The holiday season has come to an end. However, gold sold well during Deepawali, a unique gold shopping event. The wedding season has begun following the festival. The price of gold and silver was expected to rise. Gold is presently trading about Rs 50,000 per gramme.

What is the price of gold and silver:-

In October, gold and silver prices dipped 0.11 percent to Rs 49,093 per 10 kilos. Today, silver declined 0.26 percent. Silver prices are currently at Rs 66,409 per gram.

Let us tell you that if you want to check the purity of gold, the government has developed an app for you. The 'BIS Care app' allows customers to examine the purity of gold. Not only can you examine the purity of gold using this app, but you can also file a complaint against it.

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