Gold cheaper again, know today's price

Gold and silver prices have been released in the Indian bullion market on Wednesday. There has been a slight decrease in the prices of both gold and silver today. Ten grams of gold of 999 purity are being sold today for Rs 51,025, while the price of one kg of silver of 999 purity has come down to Rs 59,691. Keep in mind that gold and silver prices are released twice a day. Once in the morning and a second time in the evening. According to, gold of 995 purity is getting today for Rs 50,821. 916 purity gold has become worth Rs 46,739 today. Apart from this, the price of gold of 750 purity has come down to Rs 38,269. At the same time, gold of 585 purity has become cheaper today and has come to Rs 29,850. Apart from this, one kg silver of 999 purity has become Rs 59,691 today.

Gold and silver prices change daily. However, prices have come down marginally today. The price of gold of 999, 995 and 916 purity has decreased by Rs 4 today compared to the previous day. Gold of 750 purity has become cheaper by Rs 3 and gold of 585 purity has become cheaper by Rs 2. On the other hand, if we talk about the price of one kg of silver, it has become cheaper by Rs 827 today. 

Check the price sitting at home like this:-

Let me tell you, you can easily find out these prices sitting at home. For this, all you have to do is give a missed call on this number 8955664433 and a message will come on your phone, in which you can check the latest price. Let us tell you that if you now want to check the purity of gold, then an app has been introduced by the government for this. With the 'BIS Care app', customers can check the purity of gold.

Gold and silver have become cheaper, know what has happened?

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