Golf in India: Needs some light

Apr 16 2018 12:26 PM
Golf in India: Needs some light

Like many other sports, Golf in India is one of the sports that are not very well caught among players, due to the expensive nature of the equipment. Also lack of playing space and opportunities in local towns, these sports haven’t taken full spree.There is a long long time for golf to grow in India.

 The whole nation has just one public golf course (Qutab Golf Course in Delhi) which costs 300 rupees on weekends which makes it next to impossible for the middle class to address the sport on a daily basis.

Apart from the expenses, the most bothering thing is that sportspersons have an approach towards it as a game of wealthier classes.There are several reasons for this. According to a 2011 KPMG report, there is “ an underlying theme of lack of professional expertise and knowledge within the Indian golf industry. Not like cricket, which is a religion here, it will take time for golf to be a common man’s game.

The standard of the game needs to be improved in order to represent the game on an international level. Various tournaments should be organized by The Indian Golf Union to bring this forgotten sport in the light.  India needs to come up and stand in the race and that would only happen if enough guidance and opportunities are provided to young people.


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