Good deeds of your past life came in the form of these blessings in the present life

May 16 2019 09:15 AM
Good deeds of your past life came in the form of these blessings in the present life

The fate lines are different in every person's life. Someone's fate is better and they get everything in life easily, then there are some others born with bad luck and also have to struggle to get the smallest thing in life. For example, if a rich person is born in a poor household, then in a poor family, even after this, the number of happiness and sorrow can vary in his life even after this. In this way many people say that they have their own destiny game. In many places in Hindu scriptures and Vedas, it is also mentioned in this context that the happiness and sorrow that the person currently receives depends on his past lives.

That is, if you had done some good work in previous birth, then you will get more happiness in this life. On the contrary if you have done bad deeds in the past life, then you will have to suffer the pain in this life. Keeping this in mind, today we are going to tell you about some of the benefits that if you meet, then understand that you had done good work in previous life.

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True love: In today's era many people do not have true love luck. If someone gets cheated in love then someone gets married in compulsion. But if you are one of those people who have found a true loving life partner, then it means that in the last life you were also loyal to your partner. You are getting this fruit in this birth. Because of this you are good in case of your love.

Happiness of old age: If your old age is going well and your family is taking good care of you then this is a good thing. It means that you too have served a great service of the elderly of your house in the last birth, the benefits of which you are getting in this birth. So you enjoy it completely

Pleasure of wealth riches: If you have no shortage of wealth in this life and you are spending your life comfortably, then it is an indication that in the last life you have donated a lot of religion. Just get the fruits of this as comfort you are getting. Therefore, keep donating Dharma even in this birth too so that your next life also works well.

Good luck: If you are going to understand one of the few people whose fortunes have always been good that you will worship God text well in his past life, which benefits get as good luck to you today. This is the reason why we should worship God regularly so that your next birth is also good.

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