Good Friday: What is the reason why this festival is celebrated

Good Friday is a festival celebrated by the people of Christianity, whose name it seems to be being celebrated. But that is not so. Good Friday is considered as a day of mourning. This year Good Friday is being celebrated on april 15, i.e. today. It is said that when the Jewish rulers crucified Jesus Christ after inflicting all the physical and mental torture, that day was Friday. Since Jesus Christ was ready to give his life to mankind with a laugh, this Friday is celebrated by the people of Christianity as 'Good Friday'. This day is celebrated as Qurbani Diwas by these people.

History of Good Friday: About 2003 years ago, Jesus Christ lived in Jerusalem and preached brotherhood, unity, and peace for the welfare of humanity. All the people considered him to be the angel of God the Father. Because of this, false and hypocritical religious leaders began to fill the ears of the Jewish rulers against Jesus Christ. Then one day he was tried for treason and issued a decree to be crucified. Before that, he was crowned with thorns. Jesus is forced to carry the cross on his shoulders. In the end, they were brutally hit and crucified with nails.

These were the last words of Jesus Christ: even before hanging on the cross, the thorns were crowned, even as messages of forgiveness and well-being were coming out of his mouth for all. It became a wonderful example of his power of forgiveness. Before his death came out of the Lord Jesus' mouth these poignant words, "May God forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing..."

At the last moment, such a flood came: In the Holy Bible of Christianity, there is complete information about the crucifixion of Jesus. The Lord Jesus was crucified for a full 6 hours. It is said that in the last 3 hours there was darkness all around. When Jesus died, a flood had come. The vaults of the tombs were broken open. It was dark in the day. It is not only said that this is the reason why on Good Friday, prayer meetings are held in the church at about 3 pm in the afternoon. But there is no celebration of any kind.

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