Good news, now broken screen of mobile will be fixed on its own
Good news, now broken screen of mobile will be fixed on its own

The broken screen of the mobile phone not only spoils its look but also spoils the fun of watching your calling and internet. But, now you do not have to worry about it. Researchers from Japan have found the break. Researchers at the University of Tokyo have made a self-branding glass. Broken screens of mobile by this new discovery may be a matter of tomorrow.

According to a report from the Guardian, a team of the University of Tokyo has succeeded in developing Self-Manding Glass. The research team is headed by Takujo Aidaa. The Self-Mendings Glass has been called polyethylene-thyrias. 

It adds a broken screen by hand pressing because it has a low weight polymer that is capable of adding a mobile screen without the help of heat or melting. The screen can be corrected by simply pressing the hands. This material not only adds up to 30 seconds but only takes its original Strength within a short span of time.

However, this material was coincidentally when Researchers in Tokyo was working on a project related to building strong glasses. The credit for making this material goes to Yanagisawa, who suddenly identified the material's self-repairing capability. The biggest problem of mobile users will be over 

According to the researchers, the new material is the first solid substance, which has self-healing capacities, which is like some types of plastic and rubber. This new discovery can be very important for smartphone manufacturers because the biggest problem faced by smartphone users is the breakdown of the display glass is the most important.

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