Good News for Beer Drinkers: India's Top Brewers Form New Association
Good News for Beer Drinkers: India's Top Brewers Form New Association

New Delhi: Leading beer companies United Breweries (a Heineken company), AB-InBev, and Carlsberg announced the formation of the Brewers Association of India (BAI) on Wednesday. This new industry body aims to boost the beer market in India by promoting innovation, responsible drinking, and sustainable practices.

Partnership with the World Brewing Alliance
The BAI is partnering with the World Brewing Alliance (WBA), a global body representing brewers and brewing trade associations from countries including Australia, Canada, the UK, the USA, Europe, and now India. The WBA's goal is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices among brewers and stakeholders, serving as the unified voice of the industry globally.

Key Statements on the Launch
Justin Kissinger, President and CEO of the World Brewing Alliance, emphasized the positive impact brewers can have on local economies and public health. "The time is right for brewers to raise their voice on these issues," he said. He highlighted the importance of promoting moderate drinking and the significant role the Brewers Association of India will play in advancing the industry.

Dominance in the Indian Market
United Breweries, AB-InBev, and Carlsberg collectively account for about 85% of beer sales in India. These companies have substantial investments in the country, with Carlsberg operating 7 breweries, United Breweries 19, and AB-InBev India 10. Together, they directly and indirectly employ over 7,000 people in India. The BAI will be open to other brewers, both Indian and international, who support the responsible growth of the Indian beer industry.

Leadership and Vision

The establishment of the Brewers Association of India marks a significant milestone in the country's beer sector. It aims to combine the expertise and resources of global beer giants to enhance consumer experiences and advocate for moderate drinking habits.

Economic and Agricultural Impact
Beer production, largely based on agricultural products like barley, supports a robust local supply chain and sustains many farmers, especially in dry, arid regions. The BAI is committed to collaborating with stakeholders, including the government, civil society, brewers, and farmers, to boost barley production and promote the 'Made in India' initiative.

Industry Significance
The beer industry provides substantial direct and indirect employment and generates significant state revenue. Through the BAI, the industry aims to implement best global practices, offer international quality brews, and adopt environmentally friendly business practices. Carlsberg India expressed its commitment to working with the BAI to create a better future for the industry.

Future Goals
The Brewers Association of India represents a collective dedication to accelerating the growth of the beer industry in India. The focus will be on making beer more affordable, accessible, and available nationwide. The industry aims to shape policies that promote responsible drinking, develop a robust taxation and regulatory framework, and drive socio-economic benefits through investments.

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