Relief from states on petrol

The government's efforts to blend ethanol in petrol to reduce crude oil imports across the country seem to be paying off. The objective of blending ethanol with petrol has been achieved in all the States and Union Territories. The mix level is expected to reach about 8.3 per cent in the marketing year 2020-21 ending November.

An official of Hindustan petroleum corporation, a public sector company, said this on Friday. The level of ethanol blending with petrol was 5% in 2019-20. Addressing a webinar of the Indian Sugar Mill (Union ISMA), C Sridhar Gaur, Executive Director, HPCL said that the ethanol blending level is expected to reach about 8.2-8.3 per cent at an average of 5 per cent in the current ethanol supply year (December to November) in the last two years. He said the ethanol blending ceremony has reached the entire country.

At the same time, Gaur said, "Sikkim was the last region. Four days ago, we reached Sikkim also. Ethanol blending is being done in all the states.'' Gaur said the ethanol blending target has been achieved in all states and Union Territories. He expressed confidence that the level of 10 per cent blending in petrol would be achieved in the year 2021-22 ethanol supply.

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