Google accepts about tracking the phone even if the location history is off

Google has indirectly accepted that even after the location history is closed on the phone, it also tracks people's smartphones. In this regard, Google has updated information on our help page. On the Help page setting page, Google wrote, "This setting has no effect on other location services like Google Location Service and Find My Device."

Some data can be saved in the form of your activity in other services like Search and Map. When you first turn off the location history, Google used to deliver this message: "The information you go to from now on will not be stored." But now it has been changed.

Google has made this update on its help page at a time when it was pointed out in a report a few days ago that even after closing location history, Google also tracks people's phones with the help of other apps. With the help of Google's tracking data, advertisers can easily target people according to their needs. Although Google has given an option in the name of 'mobile and app activity' in mobile phones, the user can stop the use of his activities and any other location of the location.

Also, the European Union (EU) has found Google guilty of illegally exploiting Android's monopoly in promoting search engines and web browsers, and has imposed the highest antitrust penalty in its history. After a three-year investigation, this huge American company has imposed a fine of 4.3 billion euros (about Rs 34276 crore). 

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