Google Listens to Your Personal Things, Know What's The Reason!

Jul 13 2019 12:19 PM
Google Listens to Your Personal Things, Know What's The Reason!

As per the current information, Google is listening to what is happening in your home, not only your neighbour's ear. We are not saying so, but Belgian-language scientists have revealed this. In snippets recordings made by users, scientists discovered that sensitive information can be easily heard from these recordings. It is also said that the recordings also heard personal information between the husband and wife. This means that even when you're not using Ok Google Speaking Assistant, Google is listening to your personal things. Let us know the full details

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According to media reports, Google has said that these recordings are heard to improve voice recognition technology. However, this report has once again raised questions about users' privacy. Google says that a very small portion of what happens between users and Google Assistants is reviewed by the company's language experts.

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For your information, Google has acknowledged that company employees listen to what happens between users and virtual assistants. This is done to improve the assistant in different languages. Google also pointed out or believed this when an investigative report from Belgian public broadcasters emerged. The report states that Google employees listen to what's going on between users and Google Assistant.

The broadcaster has created this report based on more than 1000 audio. It also revealed that about 153 of the total recordings did not contain the Ok Google command, while Google Assistant must provide this command to turn it on. Google responded to the report saying, "They have found that one of the language reviewers has broken the data security policy. An inquiry has been initiated into the matter and the correct action will be taken."

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