Screen of many smartphones freezes as soon as Google speaks, know why!

Oct 17 2019 07:56 PM
Screen of many smartphones freezes as soon as Google speaks,  know why!

The way the world is moving towards technology. With this, many disadvantages have started to come with benefits, tell that smartphones with Google's Android operating system are often at risk of security. Reports of virus-prone apps appear in Android phones. Now there is news of a bug in Google Assistant. It is being told that due to this bug in Google Assistant, your phone's display may freeze. Apart from this, experts say that due to this bug, the display of Android smartphones can be degraded forever. 

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According to media reports, the screen of many smartphones is freezing as soon as Google speaks. After this, the screen is always on. Due to this, the battery of the phone is running fast. The English website Android Police has reported to its employees that some people have given the commando Hey Google, since then the screen of their smartphone is on. Due to this bug the phone is always on and does not allow it to lock. No other apps are working due to this bug. Google smart home devices are also affected due to this bug.

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For your information, another report has claimed that this bug was discovered in September itself and some users have also complained about it on Google Forum. Despite this, Google has not yet given any statement on this matter. There is also no report about this bug, by when it will be fixed. So in such a situation, it is better for you not to use Google Assistant for a few days.

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