Google Doodle pops up to celebrate Father’s Day

Jun 20 2021 07:33 PM
Google Doodle pops up to celebrate Father’s Day

Google always comes up with a Doodle for every special occasion. Google doodle this year on the eve of Father’s Day 2021 is marking the day as appreciating the contribution of fathers in children’s lives. The Google shares every range from upbringing, giving the necessities of life to teaching life lesson that basically helps in the children’s upbringing. The Father’s Day Google Doodle is already there on the Google app, and Google Chrome across all devices. The regular Google logo has also designed to the Father’s Day Google Doodle. This Google Doodle on Father’s Day is a cute stop-motion artwork. It caricatures a kid further expressing love in a most simple and innocent form. In today’s Google Doodle, the ‘G’ shows the dad and the small ‘g’ represents the kid and both the letters come out from a pop-out card where the kid is sending hearts to the dad. The wonderful artwork is designed by Doodler Olivia When.

Apart from that, Google has also shown some of the early sketches of the Doodle which particularly shows that the design has been inspired by pop-up cards.

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