Google Enhances Chrome Accessibility, Introduces Typo Correction in Search Bar
Google Enhances Chrome Accessibility, Introduces Typo Correction in Search Bar

Google is rolling out significant updates to its search address bar, aimed at enhancing user navigation across the web. These updates encompass typo correction in Chrome's address bar for both desktop and mobile platforms, a streamlined method for bookmark searches, increased support for disabled-owned businesses on Maps and Search, and the expansion of wheelchair-accessible information.

With the latest update, Chrome gains the ability to automatically rectify typos in the address bar while providing suggested websites based on the user's likely intent. Google asserts that this improvement will expedite access to desired content, benefiting individuals with dyslexia, language learners, and anyone prone to typographical errors.

Initially introduced in a limited capacity this past May, this typo correction feature is now accessible on all devices.

Another noteworthy enhancement comes in the form of support for disabled-owned businesses on Maps and Search. This feature empowers businesses to self-identify as members of the disabled community, subsequently updating their Business Profiles. The attribute will prominently appear on their listings in Maps and Search and will join existing designations, including Asian-owned, Black-owned, Latino-owned, LGBTQ+ owned, veteran-owned, and women-owned, as highlighted in a recent company blog post.

Google is further enhancing Maps by integrating screen reader capabilities into Lens within Maps, formerly known as Search with Live View. This feature leverages artificial intelligence and augmented reality to enable users to employ their smartphone's camera for orientation in unfamiliar surroundings.

These updates mark Google's commitment to improving accessibility and inclusivity across its services, with a focus on making the digital world more navigable and equitable for all users.

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