Google and Facebook threaten to leave Pakistan over new rules

Nov 22 2020 01:52 PM
Google and Facebook threaten to leave Pakistan over new rules

Social media and the related ruckus in Pakistan are constantly increasing and due to this ruckus, there is increasing anger among the people. Where big tech companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter have threatened to leave the country. By bringing this law, the Imran government has given more rights to the media regulator to censorship on the patent. Companies have come forward to oppose this law. Asia Internet Collision (AIC), an organization representing Facebook, Google and Twitter, in a statement by Dawn on Thursday, expressed concern over the new legislation targeting Internet companies and the government's 'opaque process'. Under which these rules have been made.

What is the new rule: According to the information received, under the Electronic Crime Prevention Act 2016, new rules Removal and Blocking of Unlawful Online Content Rules 2020 have been issued. Under the new rules, social media companies may have to provide any information or data to investigative agencies. In this, sensitive information like subscriber information, traffic data and user data can also be given.

People will not get free and open internet service: AIC further said in its statement that tech companies have issued warnings that the rules may make it extremely difficult for AIC members to provide their services to Pakistan users and businesses. People will not be given free and open internet service because of this new 'merciless' law. Pakistan's digital economy may also suffer due to this.

Companies will also have to set up offices in Pakistan: It is also being said that Internet companies will also have to set up offices in Pakistan and appoint an officer. So that it can be summoned if needed. Violation of the rules can lead to a penalty of Rs 50 crore. Even before this, the Imran government once took such a decision. During this time, it had given authority to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to ban the content against the government. This was termed by the government as a decision related to sovereignty, security and defence of the country.

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