Google India depicts "India first PM " as PM Modi, not Jawaharlal Nehru

Apr 26 2018 10:35 AM
Google India depicts

NEW DELHI: An interesting cum-inquisitive- thing happens when you type in the words 'India first PM' into Google India's search bar you will find unusual results.

The search engine in the approved manner spits out the reply in the form of a Wikipedia link right up top which says Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru was India's first Prime Minister. But strangely the photograph that comes with the information is absolutely not that of Nehru. Guess who appears -It's of PM Narendra Modi Oops .

These whole mess-up-cum-technical errors impelled even Congress social media in-charge Divya Spandana to comment, and she sounded manifestly upset:

"@Google @GoogleIndia what algorithm of yours allows this?! You're so full of junk-", tweeted Spandana as TOI mentioned.

As It experienced When one clicks on the Wikipedia link, 'List of Prime Ministers in India', the page appropriately describes the Prime Minister's position in India and correctly lists all the country's PMs in the right order and with the accurate photographs next to them.

If anyone didn't bother to click through, even if, someone unfamiliar with the country's leaders, he or she could well consider PM Modi as Pt. Nehru.

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