Big shock to users, update this app soon, otherwise data will be hacked
Big shock to users, update this app soon, otherwise data will be hacked

We all understand this well that people all over the world use Google Chrome browser to search for anything. At the same time, the company has advised all its users to update the old version of Google Chrome soon if the users use the old browser. So the possibility of their personal data being leaked or stolen, Google has launched a new version to save people's data.

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The same company has expressed apprehension that hackers are stealing users' data from the old version. According to sources, Google's latest update corrects two zero-day vulnerabilities. Earlier PD Fium (CVE-2019-13721) and Audio Component (CVE-2019-13720) have tried to damage Chrome's library.

New update soon: According to the launch information for all users, the hackers have been trying to hack Google Chrome for a long time. With this, hackers will also be able to corrupt and modify the data of Chrome's memory. At the same time, Google has said that we have released a new version to protect the data of users. Along with this, all users are getting Google Chrome update.

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How to check for updates: Researchers say that you can also check for updates manually. For this, users can go to the right side of Chrome and track it. Then click on the option about Google Chrome.

Update of Chrome 78: According to the information, Google has released the update of Chrome 78 for iOS and Windows users. Also, users will be able to get a dark mode update. Apart from this, history, recent tabs and reading list are available on Chrome with new designs. Numbers appearing on the desktop, researchers say that in the new update, users will get customization options in the New Tab page, Click to All and New Tab Overlays. At the same time, users can call the numbers appearing on the desktop under a special feature on Google Chrome.

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