Google Map said - 'walk straight', and while walking straight, the car entered the canal"

Kochi: Google Map is such a platform which is used by most of the drivers while traveling from one place to another by car. Especially on those routes where you are traveling for the first time and the route is not known. Google usually takes people to the destination by telling them the easy and jam-free way, but sometimes asking the way on Google Map is not free from dangers. There have been many such cases, in which Google Map has put you in trouble by showing the wrong path. A similar case has come to light from Kaduthuruthy in Kerala. Here the car of a family was diverted by Google Map to the big canal. However, the people around took the whole family out of the car in time and a major accident was saved.

According to media reports, a family from Karnataka was going from Munnar to Alappuzha in an SUV car. These people had left by car on Wednesday morning. While leaving Munnar, these people had put navigation on Google Map. After this the person driving the car started following the path given by Google. The car suddenly rammed into a large canal near Kuruppanthara Kadavu in Kaduthuruthy on Wednesday afternoon. The victim's family told that we were walking on the same route which Google was telling. Google asked to go straight, but there was a big canal, while there was a turn before the canal. He did not take a turn there because Google was asking to go straight. After going straight, the car entered the deep canal.

There was an outcry in the family as the car went into the canal. Neighbors reached the spot after hearing the sound and one by one the people were pulled out of the canal of the car. He also tried to pull the car, but he did not succeed. Later, the help of a lorry was taken to get the car out.

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