Google plans to bring Android apps and games to Mac

Windows 11 that was unveiled earlier this year, became the first Windows running system to support Android apps and games. However, on Windows 11, Android apps can be downloaded only through the Amazon app store and not Google Play Store. Google though appears to have a larger plan of bringing not only Android apps and games to Windows but to Mac as well. "Games Future" is an internal "Google Confidential" presentation that was made unrestricted as a result of the Apple and Epic Games lawsuit. First spotted by The Verge, it's dated October 2020 and was produced by the Google Play division.

This displays a roadmap of what the company wants to accomplish in gaming by 2025. Besides taking a redacted/unspecified percentage of the lucrative $35-50 billion industry, it wants to "avoid erosion on mobile." The idea is to make the best of mobile Android games to PC. Not just that but to require developers to support controllers and multiple platforms. Google wants to be the place where developers publish their titles. In turn, it will make those games available across all its platforms and devices. Google will offer "full-spectrum developer services for game making." This includes cloud services that make it easier to host large tournaments, and payments solutions like crowdfunding.

There is currently a legal tussle going between Apple and Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite. The document which reveals Google's plans is part of the case and was recently submitted to the court. Google first wants to bring emulated, native and streaming games to Windows first, And then move on to Mac as well in order to gain a wider reach. A lot of this presentation is redacted, including a section on "Current multiplatform efforts." However, one slide appears to show that the "V1" of this effort includes bringing the "best of Android mobile games on PC."

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