Google records 1,37,657 user complaints in India in July

NEW DELHI: In accordance with the new IT Rules, 2021, Google received a record 137,657 user complaints in India in July of this year, and in the same month, 6,89,457 cases of offensive content were taken down there.

Copyright infringement accounted for the majority of the complaints it got from Indian users (135,341), while other categories included trademark, court order, graphic sexual content, circumvention, and others.

During the same time frame, Google platforms across the country received 37,173 individual user complaints via designated channels regarding third-party content that was alleged to violate national laws or individual rights.On the basis of user complaints, Google removed 1,11,493 cases of unfavourable content in June.

"The complaints fall into a number of categories. Some requests may claim infringement of intellectual property rights, while others assert that certain types of content are prohibited by local legislation on the grounds of defamation "said Google in a statement.
In its monthly compliance report, it stated, "In addition to concerns from our users, we invest extensively in battling dangerous information online and use technology to detect and remove it from our platforms. The business said that it deleted 551,800 accounts nationwide as a result of its automated detection procedures.

"We make significant financial investments to combat harmful online information, and we employ technology to find and remove it from our platforms. In order to stop the spread of bad information like child sex abuse material and violent extremist content, certain of our products use automated identification procedures "Google added.

Google, along with other social media platforms, are required to publish monthly transparency reports with information on complaints received from users in India and the actions taken, as well as removal actions taken as a result of automated detection, in accordance with the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021 (IT Rules). Large digital and social media sites with more than 5 million users must provide monthly compliance reports under the new IT regulations 2021.

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