Google remember creator of 'Bambi', Tyrus Wong, on 108th birth anniversary through doodle

Oct 25 2018 11:06 AM
Google remember  creator of 'Bambi', Tyrus Wong, on 108th birth anniversary through doodle

Today the social search giant Google with its artistic Doodle remember Chinese-American artist and illustrator Tyrus Wong on his 108th birthday anniversary. He is recognized for his illustrious career with Disney. Wong was born as Wong Gen Yeo in the Guangdong Province, China on October 25 1910. He immigrated to USA with his father when he was nine year old.

When he arrived in America so he had to face hardship under the Chinese Exclusion Act. He restricted the number of Chinese immigrants that could enter the country.

He ended up settling issues in Los Angeles, California. He began attending school here. His educators soon noticed his artistic potential and his ability led to a scholarship opportunity at the Otis Art Institute.

After completing graduation, Wong became a talented animator, calligrapher, muralist, and set designer. Setting out on a career in Hollywood he created some of Disney’s most legendary works, including 'Bambi.' Famous as a background artist, He worked as a production assistant for 26 years at D Alongside. He continued to paint, with scores of of his works being displayed alongside works of Picasso and Matisse during his career.

In 2001 Wong was finally acknowledged for influence on 'Bambi', when Disney conferred upon him the honour of a Disney Legend.

Wong passed away in 2016 at the age of 106. His talents and contributions to the art world were far and wide recognized through most of the Disney and Warner Brothers Studios work.

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