Google: New design in Newstab will soon roll out, will get these special features

Jul 13 2019 05:07 PM
Google: New design in Newstab will soon roll out, will get these special features

Through its official Twitter handle, Google has released a new design for News tab in its Google Search. This new design will only be rolled out to the desktop in the next few weeks. According to the tweet, the new design of this News tab in Google Search will give the news item a preference for the publisher and branding. This new design will help readers search for news items. News items can be easily searched through Google Search.

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In the next few weeks, we're rolling out a new re-designed News tab for desktop users, according to a recent Google News Initiative tweet. In this new design, the name of the publishers will be shown promenato. Also, the articles will be placed more clearsoly so that users can find it easier to search for any news. Google also shared a GIP of this new design in this post. Shown before and after. You'll understand what this News tab looked like and what it would look like later.

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Readers like to see the news article, as well as the publisher's name, image, and headline in the Google Search tab. The new Re-designed News tab will highlight the publisher's name up side with the News Result Card. This will be followed by a description of the headline and news at the bottom. The image of the news on the right side of this card will be plaqued. However, it is not yet clear whether the new design will benefit the big publisher. Only limited news links can appear in this new News tab. You can see several news links in the current News tab. In the past few weeks, Google has also changed the menu of its search results. The category icon can now be found in the results page of this search tab.




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