Google to launch new Android P version, here are it's special features

Mar 13 2018 12:36 PM
Google to launch new Android P version, here are it's special features

Google is introducing a new version of its operating system (OS) Android. Google has released its first Android edition's first developer look on Wednesday. Right now, its name will be Android P. The new version will replace Android O or Android Oreo.

The new version will be Android 9.0. The new version of Android can be announced during Google I / O 2018. This event can happen during May 16-18. Android P Developer Preview is the Baseline Edition of Android, which is for Developer. The developer will identify the bugs and bugs of this operating system and give it to Google.

The first developer preview is available for download. However, if an enthusiastic user wants to try it then he can do so by registering with Google as a developer. Developer preview can be installed on the latest pixel smartphone of Google Pixel.  The new version of Android is expected to be released on Android 9.0 or Android P August 2018.

However, it will not be immediately available on all Android devices. Firstly this update will be available in Google Pixel Smartphone. After this, new smartphones with Android P will start coming on the market. It can be presented at the September IFA 2018 show. Android updates are made on behalf of phone manufacturers and network operators instead of Google itself. There has not been much disclosure about what will happen in the new version of Android.

But, according to the news, Google will remove access to unofficial APIs in the new version. In addition, it can also support Wi-Fi Direct Printing Support, Bluetooth hearing aid.  The newer version will prevent the new operating system from running the malicious app running on the phone's background to access your camera and mic. In this case, no app will be able to spy on you.

However, it will be a matter of seeing how it will affect anti-theft applications. Google has revealed that it will not come to Android P in some smartphones. This update will not be available in Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and Pixel 6 tablets. The P in Android P can be Android Peppermint, Petha, Popsicle, Pancake, Pie, Polo, Picnic, Peanut butter, Praline, Pop Tart. However, it will be disclosed only with the new version coming in the market.

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