Google will collaborate along with Niti Aayog's on Artificial Intelligence

May 16 2018 08:43 AM
Google will collaborate along with Niti Aayog's on Artificial Intelligence

Soon Google will start training programs for Indian Startups working in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Policy Commission and Google will work together to rapidly develop the ecosystem of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the country. There has been an agreement between Art Policy and Machine Learning for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Under this agreement, the Commission has prepared a national strategy for the whole country with research and development in Artificial Intelligence like Future Technology.     

In the presence of CEO of Policy Commission Amitabh Kant on Monday, the agreement was signed between Anna Roy, the adviser to the Commission and Google India and South East Asia Vice President Rajan Anandan. Describing the importance of this agreement, CEO Amitabh Kant said that the business environment in the country is changing with artificial intelligence. This technology will help in renewing the social sector. He said that new systems will be developed in the healthcare sector, education and governance from Future Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which will benefit the citizens and contribute to the economic development of the country.   

Training will be conducted at wide levels under this partnership between Google will help policy commission and Google. Additionally, startups will be promoted to help and research and scholarship in Artificial Intelligence. Under this program, Google will also launch training programs with training giving startups working in the field of Artificial Intelligence in the country. Google will also train and train with these startups.     

In addition to online training in IA and ML,  financial assistance will also be given to Indian researchers, scholars, and universities to promote research ecosystems in Artificial Intelligence. Additionally, Google will bring online training programs for students, graduates, and engineers in Artificial Intelligence in many cities of the country.   Along with Hackathon, Google and Policy Commission will also organize Hackathon on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It will be organized at Hackathon Agriculture, Healthcare, Finance, Transportation and Mobility sectors, which will help in solving the major challenges of these areas. 

Apart from this, the Global Platform Cigale will also seek help to ensure international participation in tackling these challenges in Hackathon. Under the agreement, with the help of the Policy Commission, Google will organize training programs for technical experts and policymakers involved in the government.