Google will soon change the Play Store guidelines

Sep 27 2020 10:10 AM
Google will soon change the Play Store guidelines

The well-known tech company of America, Google, is going to soon change the guidelines related to Play-Store in-app purchases, which will have a direct impact on developers. After these changes, developers have to provide 30 percent commission to the company on purchase of any app. Along with this, most apps will have to be used from Google's billing service, from downloading to purchasing a subscription.

However, official information has not been shared by the company regarding the change in guidelines. According to media reports, Google may change the guidelines for in-app purchase next week. Developers have to pay a 30 percent commission to the company on the purchase of the app. The report further states that developers who do not follow the new guidelines will be given some time. In addition, developers will have to adopt Google's new billing system.

Both Apple and Google companies earn billions of dollars through in-app purchases. But Apple's policy is more strict than Google's. Apple does not approve developers to sell mobile app subscriptions through external portals. The same Google Map has recently launched a very special feature for the convenience of its consumers. With the help of which you will know how many COVID-19 patients are there in your area. Launched under the name 'COVID layer', this feature will be available on the Android platform. With this, people will get a lot of convenience.

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