Government takes a step forward for cybersecurity
Government takes a step forward for cybersecurity

The government has taken a new step in view of cybersecurity. The government has drafted the mandatory use of indigenous antivirus in all government computers and mobile networks. It includes about 70 categories, including mobile payments, mobile data protection, cloud security and web security. The Central Government has also prepared a draft notification for this, on which the opinion has been sought from the people.

Among the Indian companies that make anti-virus are those whose registrations and business are in India. There are many people still skeptical about this. People believe that indigenous antiviruses do not ensure cybersecurity. Because it can also be possible that he secretly sends the data to anyone else. 

Describing themselves prepared for cybersecurity, in view of efforts to ban the digital economy after the ban on the country, the government had said that our policy to deal with cyber crimes is not proactive, it is proactive. Union Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology P. P. Chaudhary had said that there is no centralized system of cyber security but decentralization system and every ministry, every department is fully equipped with cybersecurity. 

"I have been under cyber attack twice, the first experience was in 2004 when I found two transactions done from my account without my knowledge. The second time my social networking site account was hacked. There are so many questions on cyber safety, but no answers," said Orissa high court judge B K Patel. 

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