Government's new initiative for farmers producing tur, urad and lentils, launched this special app
Government's new initiative for farmers producing tur, urad and lentils, launched this special app

The central government is encouraging farmers to increase pulse production to achieve self-sufficiency in the sector. To support this initiative, farmers are being offered various subsidies on pulses' seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides through PACS. The government has announced that it will procure 100% of the pulse production instead of the earlier 25%. Farmers are required to register for sales on an online portal. The government will purchase pulses at the Minimum Support Price (MSP).

Efforts to Enhance Pulse Cultivation

In efforts to increase pulse cultivation, the government has established over 150 seed centers nationwide under the NFSM to provide farmers with advanced seed varieties. Additionally, availability of seeds and fertilizers is being made easier online. According to government figures, pulse production has increased by 60% from 171 lakh tons in 2014 to 270 lakh tons in 2024. Due to higher demand, India still needs to import pulses.

Target to Achieve Self-Sufficiency in Pulse Production in 3 Years

The central government aims to achieve self-sufficiency in pulse production in the next three years. The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare aims to make India self-sufficient in pigeon pea production by 2027. The government has urged farmers to cultivate pigeon pea and green gram during the Kharif season.

Increase in MSP Rate for Pigeon Pea

According to recent directives, the central government has promised to ensure 100% procurement guarantee for each pigeon pea farmer. The government will purchase pigeon pea at the MSP. The MSP rate for pigeon pea has been increased from Rs. 6600 per quintal in the 2022-23 season to Rs. 7000 per quintal in the 2023-24 season.

Registration on Government Portal

The government has advised pigeon pea farmers to register on the e-Samriddhi portal ( to sell their produce at MSP. NAFED and NCCF will purchase pigeon pea from farmers and directly credit their payment to their bank accounts. The e-Samriddhi portal facilitates the sale of various crops, including maize. So far, 1.37 crore farmers have registered on the portal.

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