Govt cuts import tax on soyabean and sunflower oils
Govt cuts import tax on soyabean and sunflower oils

NEW DELHI: Since the government has reduced the basic import tariff on refined soyabean oil and refined sunflower oil by 5%, consumers will now pay less for edible oils starting on Thursday.

Refined soybean oil and refined sunflower oil now have a basic import tariff of 12.5% instead of 17.5%. The action would complement past government initiatives to lower the cost of edible oils on the domestic market. The fundamental import tariff has a significant role in determining the landing cost of edible oils, which has an impact on domestic prices.

Consumers will profit from the reduction in import taxes on refined soy and sunflower oils because it will cut domestic retail costs.

In October 2021, the import taxes on refined soyabean oil and refined sunflower oil were last lowered from 32.5% to 17.5%.

This was done as  domestic costs were rising along with the high foreign prices in 2021.

Import taxes on soybeans and sunflowers refer to the fees or duties imposed on the importation of these commodities from one country to another. Such taxes are typically implemented by governments as a means of protecting domestic agricultural industries, regulating trade, or generating revenue.

The specific import tax rates on soybeans and sunflowers can vary from country to country and are subject to change over time. Governments may increase or decrease these taxes based on various factors, including market conditions, trade agreements, and national agricultural policies.

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