Govt restores non-medical teacher’s percentage as per old MCI standards

NEW DELHI: The central government has urged the National Medical Commission (NMC) to adhere to the former Medical Council of India (MCI) standards regarding the percentage of 'non-medical' teachers, which is a great relief to the community of 'non-medical' professors with medical MSc/PhD qualifications.

"For the time being, the NMC may continue to follow the former pattern of permitted percentage of non-medical teachers, pending the result of the pending court cases," said Union Health Minister in his decision. The issue of lowering the percentage of non-medical teachers in medical universities' non-clinical departments is currently before the court.

According to the MCI's Instructors Eligibility and Qualifications rules, 'non-medical' teachers with medical M.Sc/Ph.D qualifications could be assigned to 30 percent of faculty slots in the five non-clinical departments of medical institutions (50 percent in Biochemistry). When the MCI was replaced by the NMC, the same guidelines were included in the draught document "Amendment to Minimum Requirements for Annual MBBS Admissions Regulations, 2020," which was submitted for public comment on October 13, 2020.

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