Man raped 3 girls, forced 71-year-old grandmother to watch

Jul 02 2020 01:08 PM
Man raped 3 girls, forced 71-year-old grandmother to watch

Nowadays cases of crime are increasing which are going to surprise everyone. The matter that has recently come up is from South Africa. The matter is being reported from KwaZulu-Natal province. Where whatever has happened will surprise you all. In this case, by entering the house of a 71-year-old woman, some people have committed rape with her three granddaughters. The most surprising thing during this period is that during the rape, these people forced the woman to see her granddaughters being raped.

According to the information, the woman could not see it and she died. In this case, it is not known how many people had entered the house. The girls say that the person who raped was the same. He locked the three girls of 19, 22 and 25 in a room and then dragged the 71-year-old woman into the room and tied her to the chair. After that, the accused raped the three girls in turn at the tip of the gun. In this case, the police have said that the woman fainted from the shock and later died.

Police say this is a case of personal enmity as no goods have been stolen from the house. Nothing has been done except rape and assault with girls. Nakobil Gwala told that 'the accused has not been identified. The girls said that the attacker covered the face with a cloth. They told that grandmother fainted during the incident itself.

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