Grandmother tips to keep skin and hair healthy and beautiful

Jan 05 2019 02:39 PM
Grandmother tips to keep skin and hair healthy and beautiful

If you are worried due to dandruff and hair loss, then you can use ginger. The use of ginger will be easily done. Ginger should be used to enhance hair and get rid of Dendrof. Hair can be made taller and stronger by these natural methods.

This will make the hair prolonged and Dendrof will also end with the root. Peel this ginger to it and grind it. After that, take out the juice and put it in a vessel. Mix 2 spoons olive oil well in 2 teaspoons ginger juice. Massage this oil by putting the oil in the hair root for 40 minutes.

Apply ginger oil twice a week. Make this paste fresh every time. You can not keep old paste in advance. To get rid of Dandruff, massage the hair for 10 to 15 minutes. This will benefit.

As the aging starts, its effect starts to appear on the skin. Wings and wrinkles begin to come on the skin. To reduce these symptoms of aging, you can take measures only at home. There is vitamin B vitamins present in rice. Rice reduces the effect of growing age.

At home you can prepare a face pack by mixing milk and honey with rice. Take two to three teaspoons of rice and cook it in a normal manner. Keep the rice in the water that has been cooked. Mix a small spoonful of hot milk in boiled rice and peel the paste. Add a small spoon of honey to it. Put it on the face and throat like a mask. Carefully remove the mask after half an hour. Wash the face with the water that is kept in the rice.

It will moisturize the face. Slow down the process of making melanin on the skin. White rice water can be kept in the fridge for 4 days in the fridge. In the morning and evening, put it on the face like a lotion. They can also keep ice cubes.

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