Know about this country where millions of people lost their lives due to potato

Aug 24 2020 11:05 AM
Know about this country where millions of people lost their lives due to potato

Ireland is providing financial aid to America who is struggling with Corona. The reason for this is the small aid of 173 years old, which was given by America to Ireland during the potato famine. Millions of Irish people died in this famine. Yes, today we are going to tell you about the potato famine that came to Ireland, which started in the year 1845.

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Actually, a unique fungus named P. infestans in Ireland had completely ruined the potato crop. This trend did not go for 1 or 2 years, but after 7 years, it came to an end in 1852. By then, more than a million Irish people had died of starvation and bad potatoes here. At the same time, millions of people left Ireland and moved to other countries. It is said that the population of Ireland was reduced by 25 percent due to the famine of potatoes. Irish leaders told Queen Victoria about the outbreak of starvation due to the fungus in the potatoes and appealed to her to help.

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Ireland was ruled by the British at that time. Queen Victoria withdrew Corn Law as an aid. Due to the withdrawal of corn law, the price of food grains became relatively low, but even then the hunger could not end. Ireland used to be a farming country in the 19th century. But due to famine and pandemics, it became very poor. During the potato famine, 70 percent of the population of Ireland used to eat potatoes. The reason behind this was that they could neither produce anything nor buy anything. A large part of the population of Ireland was badly affected due to the spread of disease in the potato crop.

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