Health Benefits & Weight Loss With Drinking Green Juice

Jun 30 2019 05:48 PM
Health Benefits & Weight Loss With Drinking Green Juice

Losing weight is really hard work. If you have gained weight and are still not getting any benefit after working hard, you can also try green juice. The intake of green juice is extremely beneficial for weight loss. It gives your body all the necessary minerals and vitamins as well as strengthens the body's immunity. These green juices can be made of fruits and vegetables that can be used to lose weight. Let's know which green juices help to lose weight.

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Cucumber, spinach and pineapple juice
All these vegetables and fruits contain good nutrients and low calories. They help in weight gain as it contains vitamin A, vitamin C, and other essential minerals. Drinking this juice three times a week on an empty stomach helps to lose weight. To make it, take a few pieces of pineapple, 4 leaves of spinach and half apples. Blunder with a cup of water.

Green apples, celery and cucumber juice
This juice helps in reducing weight due to low-calorie scarlet and the right amount of antioxidants and essential vitamins. Blunder the green apples, celery and cucumber juice in the blender. It contains good bacteria that make digestion healthy.

Lettuce, carrot and broccoli juice
This juice is low in calories so it does not increase weight as well as having high amounts of nutrients, this juice is beneficial for losing weight. For this, take half the carrots, 3 leaves of lettuce, 2 stalks of broccoli, celery and blend them all into the blander. You can add a cup of orange juice to it. It helps to enhance the taste.

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