Groom beaten up at wedding, bride beaten up for take revenge

Hardoi: A shocking case of a bride being assaulted by a groom on the second day of the wedding has come to light in the Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh. According to the information received in this case, during the actual marriage, there was a fight between the bride and groom side, in which the groom was also injured. After the dispute, there was a round of reconciliation on both sides. However, in the end, after the agreement, the wedding rituals were completed and the marriage procession departed. On reaching home, the next day, the groom allegedly thrashed the bride with kicks and punches to avenge the assault on himself and then admitted her to a private hospital when her condition worsened. As soon as the parents got the information in this case, the family members reached the medical college with the newlyweds and admitted her. The in-laws fled from the spot.


The entire case is being reported from Mansoornagar village of Thana Pihani area of Hardoi district. The marriage of Rajveer, son of Ram Swaroop, who lives here, was fixed with Anita, daughter of Rambhajan, a resident of Jatpura in Thana Sandi. On May 26, when there was a marriage procession in Jatpura village, the people of the groom's side in the village were beaten up by the bride and groom for drinking and abusing them. The groom Rajveer was also injured in this attack.


The girl's side refused to get married, so the next day on May 27, the talks for a reconciliation agreement between the two sides continued for a long time. In the end, an agreement was reached between the two parties, after which the wedding rituals were completed and the marriage procession returned with the bride. According to newlywed Anita, her husband Rajveer expressed his displeasure over the assault at the wedding and then thrashed her with kicks and punches.


When the condition worsened, the in-laws admitted her to a private nursing home in Pihani town and informed the family members about her ill health. After coming to know about the matter, the people from the bride reached the hospital and admitted the daughter from the hospital to the medical college where she is undergoing treatment. In this case, the police said that the victim has been admitted to the women's hospital, and action will be taken by registering a case based on the medical report and effectiveness.


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