Groom disappeared while returning after getting married, dead body found hanging from tree next day

Feb 12 2020 03:20 PM
Groom disappeared while returning after getting married, dead body found hanging from tree next day

Recently, the case of crime which has come up is from Pakbada police station area of Moradabad. In this case, the body of the missing bride has been found hanging from the tree. According to the information received, on Monday itself, the deceased was returning with a procession. In the evening, the groom mysteriously disappeared when everyone stopped to eat food in a dhaba on the highway. In this case, after receiving the dead body this morning, the family members have feared murder.

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According to the reports, Dushyant Giri (22) son of Kuandali village of Thana Saidangali was married to son Shyamdev Giri with daughter Asha of Omprakash of village Kutakapur of Nawabganj in Bareilly district. Dushyant used to work as a salesman at a petrol pump. On Monday, she was married to Dhoom Dhadakke. According to the police, 'He was returning home by car, having got his wife off. Apart from two photographers in the car, Dushyant, Asha, the bride were accompanied by a baby girl and Dushyant's brother. Around seven o'clock in the evening, the bride-groom's car stopped at a dhaba in Pakbada to have breakfast. '

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At the same time, the bride sat in the car after having breakfast and meanwhile the groom suddenly disappeared from the dhaba. After that, the family searched for Dushyant, but no clue was found. In the end, the bride was sent home from there upset and the family started looking for the bride. The next day on Tuesday morning, Dushyant's body was found hanging from a tree with a tie in the forest about two kilometers in front of the TMU. In this case, Inspector-in-charge Surendra Singh said that the cause of Dushyant Giri's death has not been ascertained. In this case, the family members have feared murder, because Dushyant was married and was happy, so suicide cannot happen. The police is investigating this matter.

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