Grow hair without empty you pocket !
Grow hair without empty you pocket !

Girls becomes so emotional when it comes on their personality .Especially , on their hairs.There is a saying that girl’s hairs reflects their personaliyt.But,many girls today are facing the problem of hair fall or slower hair growth.For that they start choosing costly products and visiting to doctors.

But,no need to waste lots of money on costly treatments as you can do these to save your hairs as well as pocket.

GREEN TEA: It is very effective way to stop hair breakage because the quality of antioxidants present in it. It promotes hair growth.So just follow this steps:

  1. Apply leftover green tea over your scalp .
  2. Leave it for one hour and, then rinse it off with cold water.

COCONUT OIL :Due to rich in potassium it serves as the best source of stopping hair breakage and increase hair growth.

  1. Massage coconut oil all over the scalp
  2.  Leave it for full night and then wash next morning.


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